Horse Training in Leipers's Fork Tennessee / Facility and Services

Van Doren Show Jumping and Hunters is located at our new location at 1000 Hurdle Hill Road, Bon Aqua, TN, 37025 ... servicing the Fairview, Dickson, Bon Aqua, Bellevue, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Spring Hill and Leiper Fork areas.  We will no longer be operating out of the old Leipers Fork facility and therefor no pricing or anything to do with the business activities will be applicable to this facility and  Van Doren ShowJumping 

We are just 15min away! 

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5 Stalls in main barn

16 Stalls in additional barn

Pasture board

Feed Room 

Tack Room

Wash Rack

Grand Pasture with pond

7 Turnout Paddocks

Riding areas include:

1 show-size jumping all weather sand arena

1 show - size jumping grass arena

150 acres of trails and riding area

WARNING - Under Tennessee Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 44, Chapter 20, Section 1. By participating in any related equine activity with Van Doren Show Jumping and it's representatives you will be subject to all it's policies and proceedures i.e boarding, release and harmless, liability, commission and sales contracts and agreement whether signed or not, including a 30 day boarding termination notice  via E mail or in writing.

VDSJ Lease Agreement 2012.pdf  

VDSJ boarding agreement 2012.pdf


Basic Monthly Board - $700

Includes feeding, mucking, watering and turnout; blanketing, light grooming after turnout

Full Training + Board - $1350 (should you not be involved in the full training program then a minimum of 4 lessons per month would be required - payable at the beginning of the month with the basic monthly board)

Pasture Board - Enquire 

(Should you not be involved in the full training program then a minimum of 4 lessons per month would be required payable at the beginning of the month with the basic monthly board)

Full Training + Pasture - (enquire) + $1050

Daily Board - $35 per day (if available)

Daily Pasture - $20 per day (if available)

Shoeing - use our Farrier or yours

Blanket and Sheet laundry will be billed to individual customers or the responsibility of the owners

Home Lessons & Horse Rental with Roger Van Doorene

Evaluation $60.00  Private $75.00   Semi Private $50

Non private horse owner rider $10.00 

Advanced Program $750.00 (includes horse show training fees not riding)

Individual Services

Bandaging $10.00 

Braiding - Current market price

Unbraiding $10.00 

Tack Cleaning $ 7.50

Tackup and Untack $10.00

Grooming $15.00 

Bathing $15.00

Body Clip $150.00 

Show Trim $15.00 

Lunging $15.00

Face & Ear Clip $15.00 

Monthly Rental Bridle and Saddle $15.00 

Mane Pull $30.00 

Clean Tack (per item) $5.00 

Clean and Strip Bridle $25.00

Daily Professional Riding $35.00 - $50.00

Show Training / Schooling and Horse Rental 

Daily Charge boarders (one rider) $50.00  

Championships Classes $100.00 plus expenses

Grooming Holding/Cooling/Boarders $50.00

Lease Pony/Horse Fee $100.00 

Professional Riding 

First Ride or First Class $50.00 

Same Day Each Additional Class $40.00 

plus 20% of prize winnings 

Show Horse Charges

Daily Basic Horse Care $25.00 

(Includes feeding, watering and mucking stall and normal shampoo - hay, grain and shavings at show prices)

Daily Full Care $60.00

(Includes daily basic care services plus grooming, bathing, bandaging, tack cleaning, tacking up, untacking, lunging, unbraiding, etc. - COMPLETE except braiding, schooling or riding - hay, grain and shavings at 

Transport (per mile, single stall) $1.25 

Brownland Farm $30.00

Nashville-Murpheesboro Area (round) $75.00 

Minimum Charge $30.00 

Medication current market price plus 10% 

Braiding (if we pay braider) current market price plus 10% 

Shavings current show price or bring own


On Site $400 per day plus expenses


The cost of tack stalls, grooming stalls, bedding and housing expenses for Van Doren Staff are equally divided by the number of participating horses. Board at home continues while horses are at shows. Horses not boarded at Van Doren Show Jumping are charged $15 additional per day schooling . Fees and expenses paid by Van Doren Show Jumping for clients and billed on account will incur a 5% surcharge.

All Customers at the show, whether schooling or showing split the cost of lodging for Van Doren staff, pro rated per horse.

Children at shows or otherwise left in the care of Roger (not with parents) must have enough money to cover meals and small expense money at shows.

Customers not escorting their horse and or children to shows should include necessary checks per week for braiding, entries, hotel reimbursement etc

Customers approved for and billed on account will accrue a 1.9% per month interest charge on the account balance after 30 days should the balance not be paid in full by 60 days. Customers with unpaid balances of 90 days may not attend shows. Please pay by the 8th of the month as we try to keep all expenses to a minimum.

Van Doren Show Jumping reserves the right to photograph and video students for educational, training and viewing purposes. Any photography / videography wanting to be used by a third party for advertising purposes must obtain the  permission from Van Doren Show Jumping. 

Sale and Lease Horses

Van Doren Show Jumping charges minimum of 15% commission on the sale price of any horse or pony sold or leased by or to all clients. This gives us the necessary time and effort to help our riders and owners obtain quality horses and when selling, market them on a broader basis. In addition, this enables us to maintain the high standards of our operation and premises to the benefit of all clients using our services.

Address: 1000 Hurdle Hill Rd, Bon Aqua, TN, 37025      ©  Roger Van Doorene 2012     Phone 615 275 8889