Horseback Riding Camps in Franklin Tennessee


Day Structure ...

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… this gives you an idea on a typical "horse part” of the day camp layout and will be subject to change depending on the students attending the camp! The emphasis is on a fun filled day with horses ... learning … riding… experiencing … building confidence … acquiring new skills with flexibility! There will be a chance of your  going off site for other activities - which will be posted prior to the camp! 

The average daytime temperature is between 75° & 80°; nightime is 60-65°.

Prior to their arrival, riders are required to complete a riding assessment form with the help of a parent or riding instructor … as well as an evaluation by the riding director to make sure the child is in the appropraite group.

Campers can bring their own horse and tack and will need to make the necessary arrangements with the riding director prior to the start date!

Typical things you would want to bring on a daily basis are a ASTM certified riding helmet, a pair of riding boots, breeches, jeans, sneakers, camera, insect repellant, sunscreen, a rain jacket and a huge imagination for the fancy dress party and tent sleep over … those details as well as others things you might need …  to follow! 

A light lunch will be provided!

For more questions please E mail us at: 

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