Global Champions Tour 2015 …

We will continue to update this show series as this the the second big year in which Show Jumping is put into the limelight! Log onto and you can see where and when the events will take place … first event Miami Beach, then onto Antwerp, Madrid, Shanghai, Hamburg, Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Cascai - Estoril, Chantilly, London, Valkenswaard, Rome, Vienna and lastly Doha. 

You can find riders profiles pages here  

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Global Champions Tour 2014

Show Jumping is on the up and up … here is an interesting article from Noelle Floyd on money offered in the 2014 Global Champions Tour Season! "Record prize money of approximately $12Million US will be part of of this years GCT season … “

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Great News for Show Jumping! Frank McCourt buys 50% stake in Longines Global Champions Tour! Report from! (posted 6/23/2014)

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                               Global Champions Tour Season 2014 (posted 4/13/2014)     

Private Lives of Nashville Wives

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Meet the beautiful Tina Brady and SuperStitch … here are some links to the  show … Private lives of Nashville Wives … wishing Tina huge success in her new venture! Go Tina we all love you!

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Ten Habits of Competent Riders ...

Came on this article and she really nails it - couldn’t have said it better myself!


We watch and admire from afar, but in fact, we can all stand to learn from their regular habits and “way of being” in order to develop our own horse riding mantra.

What do great riders have in common that makes them appealing to watch, steadily develop their riding skills and become role models for others to aspire to emulate?

1. Persistence: Good riders are willing to try, try again. They know that there will be more rides, more days, and the slow and steady approach always wins the “race”.

2. Open-mindedness: Good riders know there is something to be learned from everyone, even if to see proof of why NOT to do something. These riders are not discipline exclusive, and are always aware that good riding is good riding is good riding, regardless of the saddle or style.

3. Patience: Good riders are willing to wait to reap the rewards. They know that even if something falls apart today, there will be more days to come and small steps even backward are more beneficial than quick fixes or shortcuts.

4. Quitting: This may seem counter-intuitive, but good riders quit while they’re ahead. They ride for short periods of time to their highest ability and then call it a day. They seem to intuitively know when enough is enough.

5. Effectiveness: Good riders seek maximum effectiveness with minimum harm. They make every step count, and they resist overriding the horse for the sake of performance.

6. Self-Improvement: Good riders regularly seek to upgrade their riding skills and general horse education. They are willing to spend time, money and humility in the quest for constant self-improvement.

7. Seeing the Big Picture: Good riders enjoy the “work” and the path as much as they do the goal achievement. They know that each day and each step is as important as the other and is a natural progression in development.

8. Role Models: Good riders know good riding when they see it and seek to surround themselves with those who will not only help them improve on a riding level, but also on a more personal and inspirational level as well.

9. Problem Solving: Good riders can trouble-shoot through problems to come to gratifying solutions. They have many tools in their “tool-boxes” and know there is more than one way to approach a situation. They are always willing to try new things.

10: Horse Listeners: Good riders are expert horse listeners! They are sensitive to the feedback from their horses and adjust their responses accordingly.

To see the full article go to  … where there are other great bits of advice.   

KG & Icepop / Shows

NAL / 2014

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WIHS / 2014

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Florida 2014

Week  11 WEF results:

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Week 10 WEF results: 

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KG and ICEPOP win again in the Wef 8 $1,500 Children's 14 & Under and place 6th in the $1,500 Children's Jumper Classic 14 & Under

Great WIN for KG & ICEPOP in the Wef 6 $1,500 Childrens Jumper 14 & Under  also had and unfortunate fall in the practise arena prepping for The Childrens Classic … which she did not participate in! All in good health with no injuries … 

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KG and Ice Pop at the Winter Equestrian Festival … Florida 2014 at FTI Charity Challenge 2/1/2014 

A signature event of the twelve-week FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival, this year's FTI GCC will distribute approximately $2 million to the lucky Palm Beach County charities that were chosen at random to be represented in the pro-am team relay competition. Each team was made up of junior and amateur riders competing side by side with top professionals.

Showjumping Sustainability …

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Here is a great artical from Noelle Floyd.Com in which two of the top riders in the world Eric Lemaze of Canada and Ben Maher of Great Britain  share their views of "modern day showjumping that has pushed the sport from it’s humble roots to a sport of international acclaim" … a very good read.

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Ingoing with the above article I have pulled another recent resource artical from (one of my favorite show news sources) on the Hits Inc Shows  where a Triple Crown of Show Jumping was created … Ocala $1m -Florida, Zoetis $1m Saugeriies NY and AIG Thermal in CA  and it looks like there is a rider bonus on offer … Wow ! Here was the leading German rider Meridith - Beerbaum Michaels

KG and Ice Pop


                  * Meet “KG” and “Ice Pop” *

((aka Kenya Greenburg and Orion’s Isis) If you weren’t into riding horses and into Show Jumping you may not have heard of them until this last year, 2013. 

The Greenburg family - Mike, Nikki and children, Kenya and DJ moved from Canada to Nashville winter of 2011 with no real home or barn! The Greenburg Gang, complete with five horses and two dogs finally arrived on trainer, Roger Van Doorene’s doorstep after a long cross country trek on a cold winters night at 11pm, being directed into Franklin by Little Hollywood’s finest! 

...  and as horse people know ... it was all about the riding! Before house and a farm, training started during Nashville’s cold and wet winter! 

In May 2012  at the Nashville Country Horse Show, KG and IP placed 1st in the Training Jumpers Division and another 1st in the Nashville Classic a week later. They enjoyed many blue ribbons and Division Championships during that Summer ... In September 2012 they continued their climb up the levels and had another win, this time in the Children’s Jumper Division ... and in May 2013  placed 2nd in the $10,000.00 Washington/ Child’s Classic ...  and so Kenya’s and Ice Pop’s debut in Children’s Showjumping started. With wins and high placings in the Horse Shows by the Bay series, Traders Point, Nashville and Kentucky in 2013 ... Kenya and Ice Pop managed to qualify for and be included in the top 30 invited USA Children’s combinations to compete in Washington International in Oct of 2013. 

                                                                Go Kenya  ... Go Ice Pop!

Kenya, we all wish you both the  “Best of Good Luck” in Washington 2013.  From all of us at Van Doren Show Jumping, our friends in SA and the USA ... may Ice Pop fly and you ride like a SuperStar!!  

One awesome “two year” run you guys  …   through tons of hard work and much dedication! 

                                                                     So Proud of You!

Huge kudos to Mike and Nikki Greenburg ... without your support, belief and enthusiasm we would have never got there!



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Kenya Greenburg 2013 Brownland Farm Junior Jumper Circuit Champion

with Mike and Nikki Greenburg, Robin Anderton (Brownland Farms) and Roger Van Doorene

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