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As of April 2017 we will be in the Fairview-Bon Aqua, Dickson area - our new facility ... 1000 Hurdle Hill Road, Bon Aqua, TN, 37025 ... please be patient a new website will be posted, our Facebook pages will be updated as well, we apologize for the inconvenience!  

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Ever had that dream to be an Equestrian Star - a world-class rider ... but just didn't know how to get there? Do you think you could or want to ride three to five times a week? Have you got what it takes, dedication, patience, love and a willingness to learn and perfect a talent? Would you want to work with a top class trainer who could help you on your way? Ninety percent of our beginner students have all achieved A show status within a two year period. We are looking for riders or rider horse combinations to take up the challenge!  If this description fit's you … contact 615 275 8889 for more details or to schedule an interview. Applications can be sent via E mail to

"Dreams are dreamt for a reason … you are the creator of your own destiny ...  just follow your heart."

Van Doren Show Jumping from its beginning wanted to educate individuals to excel in the field of equestrian sports. Each year Van Doren Show Jumping takes on four new rider/horse/owner combinations to train and specialize in a jumping area suited to both horse and rider. The skills in horsemanship you learn can be applied to all facets in riding ...  competition paced or just pure enjoyment. Being able to understand and use the potential that is locked up inside of you with the utmost trust, understanding and applied knowledge, together with basic sound principals in classical horsemanship, lays the foundation of Van Doren philosophy. Our goal is to produce top-class athletes in both horse and rider to compete nationally and internationally all over the world as well as being ambassadorial custodians to our faithful friends that give us so much and expect very little in return! 

Training includes all the the following aspects, basic riding, horsemanship, rider education, horse education, buying and selling your horse, essential and advanced flatwork, communication, dressage for jumping, equitation, hunters, cross-country and natural jumps, gymnastic exercises and advanced jumping techniques, show preparation, understanding courses - Hunter, Equitation and Jumper and mental connectiveness in keeping it all together.

We are always looking for ways that will make our students successful and eradicate those elements which hinder progress. Being successful has one common feature and that is good basics of riding. Natural talent goes a long way but can’t make up for knowledge and skills you learn, but put it all together with passion, desire, commitment and mastery you will undoubtedly achieve your dreams.  

If you are a casual and social rider, we of course do that too!    


Getting started for the first time and need a beginners guide on the aspects of horsemanship from the very beginning, then click here or on the One Paper Equestrian Column in the "In the Media" Section below.

In the Media

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Private Lives of Nashville Wives - Tina Brady … 2014

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Working Student Program. Currently we are looking for a working student to start asap. Please send your  applications to us at

“Nothing feels so right and is so beautiful - than feeling and seeing the relationship between human and animal in simplistic grace and harmony, a feeling sometimes physically short lived but one that dwells in you heart … forever!”   Roger Van Doren